Why Me?

Really. Why me?

I’m not even Baptist any more. I survived with my faith relatively intact. But my experiences as a BPK sent me on a lifelong quest to see if anybody got Jesus right. I travelled with a tent ministry called Christ is the Answer. Christ is the answer but “Christ is the Answer” wasn’t. I helped found a charismatic coffeehouse, The Morning Star in San Marcos, only to be sent packing because I wasn’t charismatic enough.

Half the adults on our board loved me and half of them hated me with a passion. How much more charismatic can you get then that? Carol rates me up there with Clinton, Bush and Obama on the charisma defined as passionate response scale.

My first wife insisted we become Presbyterian so Bryan could be baptized. Once he was baptized, she never went to church again.

I took catechism lessons at a Marinist Catholic Church in Ft. Worth so I could be Catholic and my first wife could have our marriage annulled so she could marry the Catholic guy she left me for.

I really liked their belief that we learn about Jesus not just from the Bible, but from history, nature, society and those around us. I just couldn’t handle the obedience to the Pope thing.

I was about ten years too old to learn about the other practice that would have sent me packing.

I hung out with a Methodist church for a while, but they didn’t take.

You might think I have commitment issues but I’ve been Episcopal for twenty-five years now. On the other hand, I’m only Episcopal because Carol is Episcopal. So my commitment is to Carol, not Episcopals.

None of which answers the question, “why me?”

I guess the real answer would be that I paid for the domain and registered the blog. This gives me the legal right to BPKblog.com.

It isn’t a very good answer, and it seems self-serving. In fact, it is self-serving. But it’s the best I can do right now.


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