Taking a short break

I am taking a short break to focus on a paper for the upcoming conference for religion and spirituality in science in society and to finish corrections on a book for fans of another blog. I will be back mid-February unless something really outrageous happens during the upcoming primaries. Although I can’t imagine things being more outrageous than they’ve already been.
Be gracious and kind to each other.


2 responses to “Taking a short break

  1. I’m looking for Phillip Stephens and hope this gets to him. Phillip, this is Keith Owen. I’ve been looking for you for some time now. I have been disabled now for about eight years and live most of my life on my back; however, I’m trying to come back through my writing. I have a lot of what I wrote in the past, but a house fire in ’93 destroyed my copies of “Omniumgatherum,” and I have no copies of some of the work in it. I am hoping you might be able to assist me in getting a copy either via the book itself or electronic copies by email. You can reach me at FlatDaddy@live.com or visit my page at http://www.wattpad.com/user/FlatDaddy . Thank you so much, and I hope you and yours are happy and safe.


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