BPK in parking mode

Since I originally began planning this blog I decided to change the name from Grace Notes to “Righteous Indigestion.” Why? Because it’s far more catchy and because I think it pretty much sums of the face by which the most vocal elements of American Christianity present themselves.

They’re always pissed about something, or so it seems. America, the exceptional country, the best country in the universe, God’s country is always (ironically) doing them wrong:

  • Stealing Christmas
  • Giving gay people the keys to the kingdom
  • Making that Muslim black guy President

No wonder people like Bill Maher think Christians are crackers.

The truth is, I realized while working on my other two blogs, that:

  1. I love to reflect on my childhood as a Baptist Preacher’s Kid (BPK) in my other blogs.
  2. This sometimes generates discussion in my own family none of whom remember events the way I did.
  3. This makes me grateful that the good Lord gifted me with heightened powers of observation and memory.
  4. My versions are not only more accurate than other versions, each time I tell them I find ways to improve them, and
  5. Sooner or later I’ll get bored with my other blogs and will probably focus my attention to this blog.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing this blog, but if you stumble across it by accident, at least you’ll know it will be here in the future.

If you want to subscribe now, you will get notices when I go on line or announcements of any preview articles I may post based on BPK riffs from my other blogs.

See you sometime.

In the meantime, you can catch some of the stuff that will probably end up in this blog at iPad Envy, or We Rule: The Hidden Grimoire.